Contraindications are conditions which make massage either unsuitable or require certain areas of the body to be excluded from treatment. It is important that such conditions are disclosed to your therapist.
Conditions when massage CANNOT be given or require doctor certificate or client indemnity:
Any infection, disease or fever.
Under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol.
Diarrhoea or vomiting.
Conditions requiring written GP consent or client indemnity:
Pregnancy – First 3 months only.
Condition being treated by a GP or another Complementary Practitioner.
When taking prescribed medication.
Epilepsy, diabetes or asthma.
Medical oedema
Muscular-skeletal system dysfunctions (e.g. arthritis, osteoporosis, acute rheumatism, slipped disc, whiplash, pain or postural deformities).
Cardiovascular conditions (e.g. thrombosis, phlebitis, hyper/hypo-tension, heart conditions, haemophilia).
Nervous system dysfunctions (e.g. spastic conditions, MS, Bell’s Palsy Parkinson’s, Motor Neurone Disease, trapped / pinched / inflamed nerve, nervous / psychotic conditions).
Kidney infections.
Recent operations.
Undiagnosed pain.

The following areas will be avoided:

Skin diseases (inc. athlete’s foot, ringworm, verrucas etc).

Localised swelling or inflammation.

Scar tissues (2 years for major operations & 6-months for a small scar).

Cuts, bruises, abrasions & sunburn.

Any undiagnosed lumps or swelling of any kind.

Recent fractures (minimum 3 months).

Varicose veins.

Hormonal implants.

Haematoma or hernia.

Less than 2hrs after a heavy meal.

Cervical spondylitis & conditions affecting the neck.