Holistic massage

The term Holistic comes from the Greek holos = everything. We treat psychology, environment, nutrition, and everything which affect the body. That is why treatments are targeted. We also advise on life style improvements.
Integral Biology – This is the study of environment effects on physical and mental health. Everything we do affects the body. There are positive and negative factors.
The Negative Factors are: Stress, lack of sleep, nutrition, lack of exercises, emotional upsets, smoking and smoky environment, posture, poor living conditions, teenagers, lack of confidence/self esteem, new technology, financial problems, relationship, caffeine, internalising problems, alcohol, stressful job, environment (Sad/ pollution) and too much exercise.
The Positive Factors are: enough sleep, exercise, eating properly/varied diet, fresh air/sun light, drink plenty of water, but not too much,, regular breaks, lack of stress from kids/teenagers, varied work, power naps and positive attitude.
Holistic massage is used to cure ‘Mind, Soul & Body’. It is ideal for relaxation, detoxing, minor aches and pains, sleep disorders and for those people who like a more sedate massage.
The massage is light to firm but not painful. Only the area being massaged is uncovered, both for warmth and modesty. All of the body is massaged with techniques appropriate to the area and to the requirement of the massage.
The massage will last 1 hour. At the end of the treatment you will be offered advice on any problem found during it.