Thank you Giuseppe for the professional and considerate way you treated me. At my age, all the doctors do is fill me with painkillers and ignore my complaints. I enjoyed your thorough consultation and the extra time you spent listening to my problems. Your hands managed to remove the pain that many painkillers could not. I have my life back and it is a pleasure to be able to go for a walk and dancing again.
Jeff C., Streatham Vale
15th Feb 2011
I injured my arm in a fall over 20 years ago. The NHS at the time did nothing and gradually over the years my ability to raise it dwindled, to the point that raising it much beyond my waist was impossible. My son recommended Guiseppe and I attended a number of session. The result has been that I have regained the ability to raise my arm to my shoulder, which at the age of 84, I am please with. I found Guiseppe always keen to help and persevered where the NHS had written the chance of any improvement. Thank you Guiseppe and I do the exercises as suggested (well some of the time!)
John C., Bexleyheath
23rd April 2011
Over the past six years I have visited Giuseppe with a number of problems, ranging from leg, neck and back conditions, usually a result of running. I have always found him to be knowledgeable, thorough and very communicative in explaining the problem and what to do to prevent it in the future. Being over 50 I am keen to keep exercise going (in order to hold back the effects of passing time) and he has certainly achieved that. I would recommend him, as I have to a number of friends and family, without reservation.
Graham C., Bexleyheath
23rd April 2011
I have visited many different sport injuries professionals in the last 10 years, Giuseppe at SMT is by far the most competent and professional I have ever been to. All the injuries in my shoulders from years of bricklaying have been resolved. I am student of Brazilian jiu –jitsu, I train 5 to 6 times a week some days twice a day, along with manual work. I\'ve injured muscles i didn\'t know i had, all fixed very quickly thanks to SMT. I can honestly say that without the help I received at SMT I would not have been able to advance to the level I am now at. I think the difference is the genuine dedication to clients.
Gareth J., Sidcup
15th July 2011
Being in the Dance + Fitness industry, maintaining your body is essential as it is your only tool. So when I discovered Guiseppe who was committed to helping my body recover from injuries or just generally doing regular "MOT" tests etc. I new he was an excellent massage therapist as problems seemed to get better over night! He\'s magic!
Laura Churchill - Founder + Director of Honeyz School of Dance Ltd
1st Oct 2012
Giuseppe is both generous and knowledgeable with his advice and time. The Sports Therapy Massage is particularly good... It relieves tension, soothes the muscles and creates a feeling of well being 🙂 I have no hesitation in recommending Giuseppe. Book now - while he still has time to see you!
Maria Hennings Hunt
1st Oct 2012
Fixes me every time. Very professional, highly recommended.
Kevin Casey
1st Oct 2012
Visited Guiseppe on a number of occassions to assist with back, leg and upper body muscular aches. Very professional and thorough examination before the treatment which extremely successful.
Paul H.
1st Oct 2012
I had a long term shoulder injury which was preventing me from participating in my favourite sport. Regular treatment and advice on stretching and exercise has eased this considerably. An understanding of the sport and of course knowledge of the injury was key to successful treatment. My shoulder is more or less back to fitness and I have exercises to maintain the efficiency of my shoulder.
Jayne H., Dartford
2st Oct 2012
I was recommended visiting Giuseppe by a friend due to a running injury. I thought I had an IT band issue but it was actually a bit more damage. But after 4-5 visits I managed a pain free run. I am very happy to be able to continue running as I found an exercise which works for me. I would highly recommend Giuseppe and would also visit again in the future.
Pauline B., Bexleyheath
17th Oct 2012
Hi Giuseppe Just wanted to say a big thanks for all the help you gave me. Completed marathon in reasonable time and with no pain (other than normal!). Couldn\'t have done it without your magic massage and advice.....feel free to put that on your website!
27th Apr 2015